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As a Supply Chain Coordinator at Pool Service in Deventer, you are responsible for guaranteeing data and realizing continuous delivery reliability of CBL kegs in the food industry. Pool Service carries out full packaging management and is operationally responsible for the national flow of CBL packaging. Your role as Supply Chain Coordinator is very important for this process. You are in daily contact with customers and retailers and you have insight into the stocks in the depots. You analyze deviations and update the forecast for the expected depot stocks. In case of deviations, you switch with customers and advise them to come to the right solution.

We all serve the same goal and work together to achieve it

Make an impact as Supply Chain Coordinator

You are responsible for a number of depots, depending on your experience and the size of the customer base associated with these depots. If there is not the right amount of kegs at your depot, you will look for colleagues who still have kegs in their depots in order to be able to switch and guarantee continuous delivery reliability. You work together with colleagues on process improvements and you constantly keep your ears and eyes open to receive signals from your depots and suppliers.

This is Pool Service

Together with Stichting Versfust (owner of CBL crates), our objective is to promote the use of the standardized cask in the Dutch food supply chain, such as supermarkets and food service chains.

Stichting Versfust is a cooperative pool between supermarkets and their food suppliers. We as Pool Service are responsible for managing the CBL pool, entering into CBL rental contracts and operating the nationwide flow of CBL crates as sustainably and efficiently as possible.

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