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Welcome to Faber Group, an international family company specialized in circular load carrier services for a wide range of industries and well-known brands all around Europe. It is our ambition to have positive impact with logistics solutions for supply chains.

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Carrying impact

Respect is key in our company. We genuinely respect our environment, our customers and all the unique individuals who add to our success on a daily basis. At Faber Group, we believe that businesses can thrive while allowing the environment to prosper. As such, we are determined to make a positive contribution to a better world. With a sense of fun and a positive attitude, we develop solutions that work for our customers and for our environment.

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"Sustainability at Faber is definitely not just following the trend"

Care, dare, deliver

Faber Group is a vital part of demanding supply chains for fast-moving consumer goods, the food and beverages industry, fresh food, hygiene & paper products, personal care, pet food, car manufacturing and more. Driven by the responsibility to carry with care we meet our client’s logistical challenges and their increasingly important sustainability goals.

Care: we feel responsible for people, products and the environment.

Dare: entrepreneurship, passion and teamwork challenge us to go further.

Deliver: we are motivated to simply deliver sustainable results.

Working in an international environment

Our head office is located The Netherlands. With our local companies we have a solid coverage across Europe.

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