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Whether your impact is contributing to the development of efficient supply chains, making a client smile or preventing empty runs… at vPOOL you can be so much more than just your job.

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This is vPOOL

Fresh food industry’s supply chain

vPOOL is a member of the Faber Group - an international family company specialized in circular load carrier services for a wide range of industries and well-known brands. We offer vacancies mainly in Germany.

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As load-carrier and logistics experts vPOOL is a trusted partner in fresh food industry’s supply chain. Together with our customers, service partners, suppliers and employees we form a strong community of load carrier users and logistics experts in the supply chain of the food industry. Positive and enduring relationships within our trade is our highest priority. We provide returnable, reusable containers which fulfil the specific hygiene requirements of the food business. With our comprehensive service portfolio and digital solutions, we meet the expectations of our customers. Our team is determined to provide unique, efficient, reliable and sustainable pooling solutions for all. View our website to learn more about our company. 


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