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Whether your impact is expanding the circular economy, reducing the carbon footprint for the load-carrying of fast-moving consumer goods or maybe even leaving the world a better place for the next generations… at IPP you can be so much more than just your job.

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Vital part of demanding supply chains

IPP is a member of the Faber Group - an international family company specialized in circular load carrier services for a wide range of industries and well-known brands. We offer vacancies in the Benelux, Germany, France, Poland, Iberia and the United Kingdom.

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IPP is a leading European pallet pooler – a vital part of demanding and fast-moving supply chains. We operate a circular re-use system for high quality pallets and boxes and work extensively with well-known brands, producers and retailers. We deliver the right quantity and quality at the right place and time, wherever needed. Our business never stops moving. We are logisticians, working together seamlessly across supply chains. Always putting the customer first. View our website to learn more about our company. 


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