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We are looking for an Asset Controller in the Logistics sector based in Portugal. The main objective of this position is to ensure that IPP's value proposition maintains a strong presence and achieves full support and collaboration with FMCG retailers at various levels (headquarters, Distribution centres and stores) by developing relationships. The goal is to improve asset productivity at crucial retailers and locations within the designated area while minimizing losses.


  • Asset controlling
  • Responsible for managing accounts into assigned area. Ensure improvement performance of its area
  • Action development visiting top offender retailers and managing through phone calls other accounts
  • Visiting all DCs (mandatory) and some stores in order to have deep knowledge about flows.
  • Mitigate flows that can generate losses or increase Dwell time
  • Identify all different channels and its importance and impact at each group, i.e., Cash Carry, Oil station, franchising, Hyper, Super, etc
  • Collection Engine improvement, by Reviewing and adjusting collection frequency
  • Keep account structure updated
  • Organize and run out Inventory plan


    • Relationship development with different levels at each DC, store or/and location
    • Getting close to the main contacts in order to have full support for every single action that is needed
    • People engagement with IPP profile
    • Introducing and “Implementing” IPP Value proposition


    • Logistics, operations and depots follow up in order to ensure collection service and frequency are covered
    • Asset controllers
    • Developing oriented actions in order to have an overview about flows and issues
    • Running inventory plan

Requirements for the position

  • Background: Logistics management, or Retail Management (FMCG) or similar
  • Years of experience: 4 years of experience in the logistics sector and / or retail account management
  • Skills: Interpersonal skills, good communication and negotiation skills, analysis, project planning, and conflict management.
  • Mobility: Availability to travel at least 3-4 days a week.
  • Languages: Portuguese(native), Spanish (desirable), English (desirable)

Contact of the selection process

For further information or questions, please contact me: [email protected]

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