Logistics Controller

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  • Achtseweg Zuid 159-D, Eindhoven
  • 40 hours
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IPP Poolservice B.V. is part of the Faber Group. The Faber Group, an international family business with a history dating back to 1891, is a leading provider of sustainable, circular (mainly pallet) pooling services. It consists of several specialised pooling companies (IPP, PAKi, PRS and vPOOL) and a sustainable wood supplier (Satim) throughout Europe.

Vegetables, fruit, meat and other fresh produce from the supermarket in your kitchen, do you know what they have in common? They were probably transported with a CBL crate!

Did you know that until roughly 35 years ago, food distribution was done via one-way packaging?

Thankfully, this changed in 1990 with the creation of the CBL Fresh Crate Pool. These crates are used more than once and are therefore extremely sustainable! There are now around 28 million CBL crates in circulation which are owned by Stichting VersFust (SVF). On behalf of SVF, we from IPP Pool Service B.V. (Pool Service) are responsible for the national coordination of these CBL crates, whereby the collaboration with SVF is aimed at managing the national flow of CBL crates as sustainably and efficiently as possible.



How lean and green do you want to be as a logistics controller? Please feel free to contact Lotte Kremers, HR Manager, [email protected] for more information about the vacancy or apply below!

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Employees can really make a difference

As Logistics Controller, you will rightly have a pivotal role in the operation!

Controlling 28,000,000 crates, that is quite a logistical challenge to say the least.

As Logistics Controller at Pool Service, you are in daily contact with many food suppliers and retailers and coordinate CBL stocks at the retailers' various depots (aka return centres). For example, every morning you assess the suppliers' orders at your depots. You analyse deviations in stock and balance and update the forecast for the expected depot stocks. In case of deviations, you liaise with your contacts, often by phone, and advise them on the right solution.
You are in daily contact with suppliers, retailers and depots. You do not do this alone. Pool Service consists of 12 colleagues in total, including seven Logistics Controllers. In the morning, you mainly manage the pool, doing a lot of planning work. In the afternoon, you perform various activities. For example, doing analyses, optimising your planning, planning ahead, coordinating the exchange of broken crates or working together on projects; for example, coordinating CBL crates during splits and takeovers of various retailers. Within our dynamic organisation, it is never boring.

Impact works both ways. Just as you do your best, so will we. And these are not just words. We believe that flexible working hours and mobile working support a healthy work-life balance.

You will work in an organisation where there is plenty of room for development. If not at Pool Service itself, then at IPP or Faber Group (our parent organisation). Lines of communication are short within Pool Service and the team has a pleasant atmosphere where there is often room for a joke.
Various development opportunities and free space to arrange tasks keep you impactful. And we find enough time for internal festivities and give you a good feeling for the company through start-up DNA. Furthermore, in this position you can count on a modern pension, the possibility of attending training and education, attention to personal development and career prospects.

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